Monday, January 9, 2017

Nation House - Commedia dell'Harte (LCNH002 | 02-2016

"La Chinerie" may sound like unknown to your ears but here, in Western Europe, it's well known as,at the same time, an active social community on Facebook (focusing on digging musical nuggets), a semi-pro label with multiple ramifications (House, Techno, Rap, etc.) and a participative platform (essentially for producing content and organizing events in France).

After a first Nation House release called « Chalutier Du Havre » focused on young talents from all over France (ed.: we highly recommend you this EP as it contains some heavy and groovy tracks), la Chinerie is back with a new Nation House release, "Commedia dell'Harte". This time, let's go to Italy! This EP highligh House scene through an eclectic V/A gathering 8 tracks from 8 talented macaronis.

As you can hear with the preview on Soundcloud, it sounds intense (check Bassa Clan "Notte Brava" track) as old-school (such the Christian Lisco "55" track). Each track is unique. No doubts, this EP will soon be our. Highly recommended!

Release : Feb. 2017

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Label : La Chinerie (Chineurs de House series)

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